Are you still managing clinical trial and clinical research documents in paper?  Are you dealing with migrating legacy eTMF and lab notebook files to your EDM system?

Our Specialities

IDC works with biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers to:

  • Convert their trial master file documents, CRFs and DCFs into an electronic format and then index the electronic document according to the classifications specified by our client.
  • Convert their paper lab notebooks and other research documents to an electronic format and index via the application of metadata found within the content of the notebook or document. 
  • Migrate legacy clinical trial and research data to our clients EDM system mapping all data to the requirements of the host system.

Our clients consider us the go-to company when they face the challenges of moving from paper to electronic clinical trial and research documents.

Experience you can trust

Specializing in the electronic conversion of clinical trial and research documents for the biotech and pharma industries, since 2007 we’ve:

  • Converted over 20 million pages of TMF documents to electronic format, indexed the files to the required classification, and uploaded the files to meet the requirements of our customers eTMF system.

  • Converted over 5 million CRFs/DCFs to electronic format, indexed and then imported them into our customers EDM system.

  • Converted more than 120,000 lab notebooks and indexed the files by searching and applying the applicable metadata. Over 100,000 of these lab notebooks were converted at our client’s site.

  • Migrated over 500,000 legacy eTMF files to the client’s in-house EDM system remapping index data and classifications.

Peace of Mind – a key benefit of working with IDC

  • Knowledge and experience – We understand the value of your clinical trial and research documents and apply that knowledge, care and attention to every project.

  • Scalability – we have the business model and bandwidth to accommodate large volumes and tight, turnaround times. We can rapidly scale up and down as the project volumes and time lines dictate.

  • Contracted deliverables – project tested systems and processes ensure projects are on-time, on-budget and deliverables meet or exceed contractual commitment.

  • On-site conversion anywhere, worldwide

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