IDC follows a strict project creed that ensures the secure management of documents and accurate conversion of data.

We have an unwavering commitment to time as the opportunity to serve our clients with excellence, a reassurance that becomes even more important in an age when the all-too-frequent creed is “time is money.”

Our Project Management Creed is made up of the following aspects:

Establish Realistic Sustainable Goals

IDC has developed and implemented a proven planning, goal-setting and achievement process. It’s practiced top down and taught to all key personnel. Once established, goals are communicated to all project personnel, regardless of position and/or responsibility. This uniform goal-achievement process assures effective execution.

Train & Educate

Training and education of all personnel of the project is essential, so they’re all aligned to the same goals. SOPs are religiously followed and, when required, new SOPs developed, tested and implemented.

Team Concept

IDC operates on the “Team” principal. Everyone and every business partner participating in the project is part of the team. The philosophy that we are one team and not a group of individuals and companies operating independently, has been the key to our success in meeting and delivering to our clients’ requirements.

Assign Roles & Responsibility

For every project, there is a project plan. Within the plan, we identify each task and specifically who does what by when. We insure that everyone assigned to the project is part of the process. Service Levels (SLs) are agreed to and assigned, so each person, regardless of responsibility or position, is held accountable for meeting his or her goals.

Monitor & Report

IDC has developed a detailed tracking and reporting system to monitor the progress of the strategic plan, identify quickly when plan objectives may be slipping, spot scope creep before it becomes a major issue, and develop work-arounds to bring the project back on track quickly. Meetings are held on a regular basis, using F2F, webex, or any combination. The frequency of the meetings is determined by the scope and stage of the project.


Monitoring of the plan by all stakeholders creates personal accountability for everyone assigned to the project. Making all project employees and business partners part of the team, striving to achieve the same goals, promotes a sense unity — with all team members looking out, not only for themselves, but for their teammates.


IDC has learned the value of planning the work and working the plan. We have also learned the need for flexibility and the necessity of having a backup/contingency plan in place that allows for quick course corrections when unknown obstacles appear.


We have a simple philosophy about communication. “It is better to over-communicate than under-communicate.” Communicating to everyone within the organization progress toward goals, successes, individual achievements, course corrections with explanations, and mistakes with corrective actions insures continued motivation and assures that goals are met. When results are shared, employees feel empowered, recognized, and motivated to meet the goals of the team.

Our Business Model

What We Are

IDC is a Consultant, Primary Contractor and Project Manager.  We design, develop and implement innovative, cost effective business-process automation solutions centered on document and information management and data migration and conversion.  We unashamedly state that the breadth and depth of our services and skillsets is unequaled.

What We Are Not

IDC Technologies is not limited in any way in our ability to develop the most advanced, cost-effective solutions for our customers. Since we are not a traditional “brick and mortar” company, we are not constrained by existing capital infrastructure, geographical presence, or technology limitations. We’re also not tied to any one process, methodology or service provider.

Our Team

We’ve assembled a team of professionals who understand the enormous value of the documents and data entrusted to us, and we utilize proven processes and software we’ve developed to ensure the documents and data are tracked, accounted for, electronically converted or scanned accurately, and indexed with the proper classifications.

Working closely with our clients, we structure the contract and then identify and engage the subcontractors with skillsets and proven experience that best match the project requirements.

We remain the point of contact for our customers, while we actively manage the project and subcontractors throughout the engagement. This proven model has served our clients well.


Our clients are in the life sciences and engaged in conducting clinical trials on human subjects.

While our confidentiality agreements do not permit us to use their names for commercial purposes, our clients include global and small pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, device manufacturers, academia, and clinical research organizations.

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