IDC functions as a prime contractor, project manager and subcontractor, specializing in clinical trial document and data management solutions for life science companies worldwide.

We work with companies that conduct clinical trials but are still managing some or all of their trial data on paper. We act as the expert source to convert the paper documents to an appropriate electronic format – specifically, TMFs, CRFs and DCFs.  

We migrate legacy eTMF, CRF and DCF files to the customers EDM, system mapping indexing and document classifications to those of the host system and we can load the newly mapped and converted files to the host system.

IDC offers knowledge and understanding of exactly what is required, so you can assign us the project with complete peace of mind, confident the converted files will meet or exceed the contracted deliverable – all pages will be converted, documents will be correctly indexed or classified, and your time frames will be met.

     We have the ability to conduct the project virtually anywhere in the world. As a result, the documents never leave your site, the costs of shipping large volumes of documents is averted, and you retain immediate access to your documents.  

Electronic conversion and classification of clinical documents.  

We work with companies to convert their trial master file documents as well as their CRF, DCF and other clinical documents into an electronic format and then index the electronic document according to the required classifications.  We perform these services at our sites, our customers site or virtually any site around the globe.  We can set up collection points in multiple countries, where we receive, prep, convert and index these documents.  

Unrivaled experience

During the past ten years, we’ve electronically converted and indexed over 20 million pages of TMF documents of which 85% required the application of detailed classifications.  

We’ve helped our customers by migrating their data from over 20 legacy trial master file systems into existing eTMF systems.  This process requires extensive knowledge of the legacy system TMF and processes and host eTMF system to ensure the data is mapped to the proper classification in the host system.   

We realize this data is the heart and soul of the clinical trial and, we know the careful collection, conversion, cataloguing, indexing and maintenance of these documents and data are critical.

Our accountability process ensure against lost documents and incorrectly indexed data.   

Rigorous, client-tested standard operating procedures

We’ve developed a very rigorous and time-tested set of standard operating procedures (SOPs), detailing the optimal conversion of clinical trial documents.

Our operational processes, facilities and SOPs have met the test of a number of audits conducted by our life science clients.  

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