Our expertise in Assessment, Design, and Implementation allows us to deliver “best of breed” solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our team of dedicated professionals and industry experts have developed sound business processes to manage the document, data and image migration and conversion requirements for multinational corporations to small companies in the life sciences.

Here are a few examples of solutions the IDC Team assessed, designed and implemented:

Fortune Top 20 Biotechnology Company

The IDC Team developed a customized Cloud-based program for a Fortune Top 20 biotechnology company, allowing it to code and quality-control-inspect documents more efficiently from a global network of users while improving the accuracy of the data coded. Classification time was reduced by as much as 45%, and overall costs were significantly reduced.

The coding was previously done on-site with high-cost subject-matter experts, but it can now be done at much lower cost from anywhere in the world.

Global Research Company

We designed and implemented a much-improved process for the digital capture, extraction, and aggregation of meta-data and images contained in laboratory notebooks housed at the company’s global research sites. All work was done at the company’s facilities, which required credentialing of all personnel.

The process improvements delivered much-improved governance and accountability for the lab notebooks, as well as significant financial savings to our customer.

A primary benefit is a standardized data set and images that can now be shared via a secure Cloud, allowing researchers worldwide to benefit from the research of their colleagues.

Our introduction of process improvements continually drove down costs while improving compliance, crucial data access, and turnaround times.

Fortune 500 Life Sciences Company

We designed and implemented a state-of-the-art system that enabled a Fortune 500 global life science company to dramatically improve the speed and accuracy of collecting, coding, and uploading their clinical trial data from 3,000+ sites worldwide while reducing their overall costs by as much as 30%. Time from data submission to loading it to the company’s servers was reduced by 75%.

Major Life Science’s Solutions and Services Provider

We support a major Life Sciences solutions and service provider by assuming the electronic conversion and classification of their paper-based clinical trial documents.  Over a five-year period, we’ve electronically converted and classified more than 8 million pages of TMF documents.  

Top 50 Biotechnology Company

For the regulatory groups of a large biotechnology company, we reviewed and cataloged the contents of over 1000 storage boxes that had accumulated through acquisitions and employee turnover.  We surveyed the contents of each box, developed a contents list, purged non-essential items as directed by the company, re-grouped and re-boxed items, removed, electronically converted and indexed specific paper documents and grouped and re-boxed them.  We then labeled each box according to the company’s archive storage criteria, created a master index of all boxes and contents and returned the remaining boxes to storage.

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