We understand the value of clinical trial and clinical research documents

Operating within the unique niche, we understand the significant intrinsic value of clinical trial and clinical research documents and have the trained personnel, systems, software and proven operating procedures in place to ensure that your electronic conversion is conducted flawlessly, all documents and data are tracked and accounted for, and timelines and commitments are met.   

Easy accommodation of large volumes, quick turnaround times, document location and classifications

Our business model facilitates unique scalability, allowing us to accommodate volumes of any size, quick turnaround times, global document location, and indexing to required document classifications.  

We meet your timeline and other requirements

Our business model and scalability allows to meet the most stringent turnaround times and volume sizes. We can scale up or scale down rapidly to accommodate those peaks and valleys – a capability that ensures that not only are timelines met but costs are controlled and budgets met.

On-site conversion anywhere worldwide

We can conduct the conversion of your documents and data at your facility, so the documents always remain within your control, or we can do it at our facility.

Highly cost-effective

We provide a highly cost-effective and proven single source for the electronic conversion and migration of your clinical trial and clinical research documents. While others may offer these services as a means to an end, this is our sole focus.

Unless your company has a large, consistent volume of clinical trial documents and lab notebooks, in-sourcing costs can exceed the cost of outsourcing it, partially because insourcing it becomes a significant distraction that defocuses management from the core competencies of your company.   

Peace of mind

As a company with extensive experience and highly qualified personnel, our tested and proven systems and process ensure your documents and files are tracked, accounted for and the deliverable meets or exceeds all contractual commitments.  

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